Chainsaws Husqvarna 395XP Chainsaw husky chain saw saws

  • Model No:Husqvarna 395XP
  • Place of origin:Husqvarna
  • Brand Name:Stihl
  • Price Terms:250-400
  • Payment Terms:Western Union, T/T, PayPal
  • Delivery Time:3-4 days
  • Minimum Order:3
  • Supply Ability:20
  • Quality:ISO9000
  • Keywords:Chain Saw,
Features Specifications:Chainsaws Husqvarna 395XP Chainsaw husky chain saw saws
  • 1)Chainsaw
  • 2)Table Saw
Packing: FedEx
A versatile saw for demanding users & high productivity and gobbs of power & quality. This saw has a slim and smooth body, superior power/weight ratio and one of the lowest vibration levels on the market for its size. A new type of choke/stop button control makes it easy to start and stop. The environmentally-friendly oil pump stops the chain lubrication when idling
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