Fresh Breath Liquid Mints

Features Specifications:Fresh Breath Liquid Mints
Features: 1) Fresh breath with wonderful taste 2) Dissolve instantly and completely in your mouth 3) Gives you a powerful burst of great tasting flavor 4) Discrete, compact dispenser for convenient use anytime and anywhere 5) Sparkling and crystal-clear 6) Low calories, sugar free Inner packing: 24mints x 12packs or 36mints x 12packs/box N.W.: 14.4g (1.2g x 12packs) or 21.6g (1.8g x 12packs)/box Outer packing: 12boxes/ctn Carton dimensions: 38.5 x 19 x 21cm or 36 x 28 x 26.3cm N.W.: 0.1728kg or 0.2592kg G.W.: 2.4kg or 3.3kg
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