ViG-MAN Powerful Stamina Male Sex Enhancement Drug,ED Remedy

Features Specifications:ViG-MAN Powerful Stamina Male Sex Enhancement Drug,ED Remedy
  • 1)OEM
  • 2)private label
  • 3)fast acting
Packing: bottled capsule,blister pack,loose capsule
Hi, this is EFFI from ViG-MAN Health Food Co.,ltd. We developed private lable VIG-MAN Sexual Enhancement Capsules for you.

For men too embarrassed to consult their doctor, VIG-MAN is the answer to a bedtime prayer.VIG-MAN is used for treating erectile dysfunction (e.g.male impotence).

VIG-MAN is a natural alternative for prescription drugs.

Take one capsule about 30 minutes before the sexual activity, it will work within 45 minutes and its effect will last for 24 hours. Hard, long-lasting sex WHENEVER you want for as long as you want AT ANY AGE!
ViG-MAN is good at helping with prostate problem.

>>Minimum Order and Price/Wholesale Price
Our minimuim order is 100 bottles, and the price is $6.65 per bottle(12 capsules), FOB.
We have LOOSE CAPSULES,Blister Pack,Bottled capsule in blue,red,red and black,golden,etc.
Also,we are offering RAW MATERIAL/FORMULA(water soluble).

You can have a product for your trial and test.
A sample is free.But a $20 is charged for shipping and handling.

VIG-MAN comes in a bottle with 12 golden capsules (as shown in picture), each capsule contains 390 mg of active ingredients.

>> Private Labe & OEM service
VIG-MAN is also an excellent business opportunity, as VHFC is now providing mini private labeling, therefore you can order as few as 100 bottles for only US6.65.You can use our original label (as shown in picture, or you can replace product and company name with your own. We will print the label for you even if your order is just 100 bottles.

More infermation,please contact Effi at vigforman(gmail)
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