High Speed Thread Winder Machinery

Features Specifications:High Speed Thread Winder Machinery
  • 1)It can wind a wide range of 200m
  • 2)1,000m per minute.
  • 3)high efficiency
Packing: seaworthy wooden cases.
1. It can wind a wide range of 200m-1,000m per minute.

speed Thread Winder Machinery ( ) is applicable to wind the sewing thread, embroidery thread and nylon thread, etc from big cones on to small standard cones.
machine features availability of computer-based separate control of each single spindle, a frequency-change slotted spool yarn guide device, an electric-magnetic tension control system, a pump-based cycling-type oiling device, etc. characteristic of a good shape formation.

Advantage :

efficiency ,


3 assured safety and reliability

4. broad applicability, etc.
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