Replace Brevini Planetary gearbox

Features Specifications:Replace Brevini Planetary gearbox
  • 1)wooden case
  • 2)torque:
Packing: planetary gearbox
Our company is specialized in manufacturing and selling various kinds of hydraulic winch and planetary gearbox nearly 10 years, which can be completely interchanged with / replace Brevini planetary gearboxes (EM, ED, ET, SL SERIES), Brevini hydraulic winch (BW series), Brevini slewing gearbox, Brevinil wheel drives and track drives. And all mounting dimensi3, 4 -- 5.000
Gear Unit Versions
Right angle (with a spiral bevel gear set)
Output Configuration
Foot and flange mounted
Output shaft
solid with key, splined, splined hollow,
hollow with shrink disc
Input Configurations
Flanged axial piston hydraulic motors
Hydraulic orbit motors
IEC and Nema motor adaptors
Solid input shaft
Hydraulic Brake
Hydraulically released parking brake on request
Electric Brake DC and AC type

Replasce for:
Brevini S300 S400 S600 S850 S1200 S1800 S2500 S3500
EM1010 DE2010 EC2010 ET3010 EC3010 EC4010
EC3020 EQ4020 EC4020 ED2030 ET3030 EC3030 EQ4030 EC4030
EM1045 ED2045 EC2045 ET3045 EC3045 EQ4045 EC4045
EM1046 ED2046 EC2046 ET3046 EC3046 EQ4046 EC4046
EM1065 ED2065 EC2065 ET3065 EC3065 EQ4065 EC4065
EC3090 EQ4090 EC4090 EM1150 ED2150 ET3150 EC3150
EQ4150 EC4150 EM1250 ED2250 EC2250 ET3250 EC3250
EQ4250 EC4250 ED2320 ET3320
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