manual screw jack

Features Specifications:manual screw jack
  • 1)according to custormers
  • 2)HK_0.5T,1T,2T,3T,5T,10T,15T,20T,30T,40T,50T,100T(T=ton)
  • 3)positioning accuracy, completely self_locking fluctuation
Packing: Worm gear linear actuators,spiral lift conveyor,worm gear screw jack,the trapezoidal jack
our company researches and develops independently the screw jack which is superior to hydraulic jack and pneumatic jack in many aspects.
The screw jacks are Widely used in machinery, metallurgy, construction, irrigation, chemical industry, health care, culture, health and other sectors. Approved by many mechanical engineers and the mechanical designer with positioning accuracy, completely self-locking fluctuation.small volume,easy installation, the use nimble, broad power to supply, low noise, long life, security and environmental protection and so on characteristics .welcame by domestic and foreign customers. The products can be customized by customers.
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